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Manual Online Translation, model the DNA of social contact around the world

As our world grows smaller, the conversation among various languages is more and more compact. Part of the users who have some special demands are discontent to the traditional social networking which is beyond distance. So, the social contact APP--TTTalk,which is beyond the barrier of language and culture, becomes the 'dearest' of many users. TTTalk provides the service of 'manual online translation' and can translate accurately and effectively according to the language context and the culture of different countries. It effectively avoid the mechanical translation of traditional translation system, making a more influential conversation and a better experience.

Aiming to the ecosphere of world social contact

In addition to 'manual online translation', TTTalk also provides 'personal translator', 'making friends overseas', 'my story', 'rank of stars' and other services for users , molding an ecosphere adapting to the whole world social contact. The unique service of finding overseas friends of 'TTTalk' can help you to make friends in foreign countries as you like, including German gentlemen, American hot girls, Korean handsome boys and Japanese cute girls. It can open up your eyes, enrich your experience, beyond the limitation of inland and enlarge your horizon to the world. Contact with the world, and let your eyes fly.